Top 5 Men’s Skincare Myths Debunked

Top 5 Men’s Skincare Myths Debunked

It is not uncommon to see advertisements for skin care. A lot of what these advertisements have in common are promises of reduced wrinkles, younger brighter skin, and a blemish free appearance. These ads are usually targeted towards women, with little attention paid to men’s skincare.

However, as of the last decade there has been a shift in consumer sentiment around men’s skincare with more attention being paid to how men can be taking care of their skin. At Clamar Cosmetics, we believe that everybody should take care of their skin, regardless of their gender. Here are the top 5 myths for men’s skincare debunked.

MYTH #1 Men Don’t Need Skincare

With many skin care advertisements traditionally being targeted toward women, it is easy for men to believe that they do not need skincare. Men are often perceived as having very simple hygiene routines compared to women. Women’s skincare is often perceived as a long process of face masks, cleansers, makeup products, moisturizers, and more. The idea of men taking care of their skin with a longer routine is often traditionally viewed as feminine by society, so it may be hard for men to find the right products and give their skin some much needed TLC.

Different people have different levels of hormones. These hormones affect the body in many different ways; but did you know hormones can affect your skin? Testosterone is known to affect the body’s production of oils, also called sebum, which leads to acne and an oily appearance. People whose bodies create more testosterone may require products specifically formulated to combat these excess oils and unclog pores, which will reduce acne. This increased production of sebum in the skin combined with facial hair may lead to more acne. Beard care products are important in maintaining healthy facial hair and the skin underneath.

MYTH #2 Skincare products do more harm than good

This myth comes from a misunderstanding of skincare products. While it is true that if someone uses the wrong product for their skin type, it may do more harm than good. The truth is, using the right skincare products should only provide benefits for the user.


Recommend The Right Product For The Right Skin Type

Education for consumers on skin types, and how to recognize sensitive, dry, oily, normal, or combination skin is crucial in finding the right products to achieve desired results. If someone who is prone to acne uses the wrong product, they may experience adverse results if they use products that clog their pores even more.

Clamar Cosmetics strives to create products based on all client’s skincare goals formulated for every skin type. Clamar’s dedication to all-natural products to not introduce toxins to consumer’s skin is important in eliminating the harms the wrong skin-care can cause

Keep Your Ingredients Clean

It is also important to educate customers on how to spot potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients that may be carcinogenic or disruptive of their endocrine system. Formaldehyde, Mercury, and various parabens have been found in skincare products in the past. Putting these ingredients on your skin allows them to be absorbed into our bodies and can wreak havoc on more than just our skin.

Moreover, using substances that are known hormone disruptors are not helpful when creating skincare products, as hormones can make or break our skin

All natural ingredients are key in providing a positive skincare experience and Clamar is committed to providing healthy and nourishing formulas that will not only keep people’s skin, but bodies healthy and happy.

MYTH #3 Parabens In Skincare Products Are Okay

Parabens were used for quite some time as a preservative to make skin care products last longer on the shelves of stores and in customers’ homes. In theory, adding a preservative to skin care products made sense at the time because it led to less waste and allowed for more quantities of product to be sold at the same time.

Opt for Paraben-Free Formulations and Keep Ingredient Lists Simple

Parabens and other preservatives were found to cause skin irritation and impact oil production in the skin. They were also found to be disruptive to people’s endocrine systems and prolonged use of paraben-containing products were found to cause reduced sperm counts in males and decreased testosterone and fertility rates.

For someone trying to take care of their skin, wouldn’t it be bad to disrupt hormones and make the problem worse?

MYTH #4 Hot Showers Are Good for Your Skin

“Like a sauna” - the best way that many people describe their showers. The steam and near-scalding water may feel relaxing on their muscles and clean off all the grime from a long work day. Even though hot water does a great job cleaning, like it does in a dishwasher when washing dishes, bathing and showering in hot water may damage the skin over time.

Hot Showers Wash Protective Oils Away From Your Skin

When pertaining to men, the genetic makeup of the male body has biological differences than a female, which requires different care, including thicker and oilier skin. The hormone cycles also may vary, meaning someone may be more likely to develop acne than others. For people that menstruate, their monthly cycle may need different skincare throughout their cycle as the production of sebum and even blood flow to the skin can vary throughout the month. For people who do not have a monthly cycle, these differences are important to note when going to reach for your partner’s skin care.

Now, as previously mentioned our skin creates oils. Yes they may cause acne if there is too much oil. But this oil also is what protects our skin and locks in moisture. Scalding hot water washes all these oils away and leaves your skin dry by evaporating all the hydration left behind. This extreme dryness can lead to cracking and irritation, which can be bothersome.

When showering, or washing your face, try using lukewarm water to protect this layer. And if hot water really is necessary, make sure to find the right moisturizer to balance out the moisture the heat took from your skin.

MYTH #5 Men and Women Should Use the Same Skincare Products

Many people believe that different types of skincare for different skin types, or even skincare formulated for men are just gimmicks. However, no two people are alike.

People’s differences in hormones, skin type, and even hygiene goals require different products. Not to mention skin sensitivities, and even just plain personal preference.

This is why Clamar creates carefully formulated products for everyone’s unique bodies. There is no “one size fits all” approach to skin care, and that shows in all of these debunked myths about Men’s skincare.

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