How to Build Brand Awareness For Cosmetics & Personal Care Brands

How to Build Brand Awareness For Cosmetics & Personal Care Brands

You have created your cosmetics brand, how do you make your brand take off? Building brand awareness comes in time as you slowly widen your horizons and expand advertising to a larger amount of consumers. By utilizing the power of social media to showcase your brand, and offering options for your consumers, you can grow your brand and become the next best cosmetics company.

Developing Eye-Catching Branding and Packaging

Choose bright colours and patterns that match both your target audience and you company values and mission. Use these colours to create your branding, using them to develop your imagine through advertisements, social media, and your packaging
Less is more for your branding. Packaging that is too busy will be overwhelming and hard to read. Let your brand be the main feature, as well with clear information on what your product is. If your brand has vegan certifications or is hypoallergenic, it is good to put it on your packaging to capture the attention of your consumers.

Social media marketing

Social media is a strong platform for advertising products through varying mediums. Videos of the product in use via Social Media Influencers, combined with advertisement photos and posts can bring attention fast to a large population. Doing research on viral marketing, as well as changing social media trends can help you tap into the highest potential to have success in social media marketing. Using social media to provide coupons can also bring in new curious customers to try your product at a discount.

Selling Platforms

Using a variety of selling methods can help your brand reach a wide variety of consumers. By using e-commerce and brick-and-mortar storefronts, you can reach people who want to shop from their couch, or try samples at a store before they buy. eCommerce can also be a form of convenience for repeat customers who may not need to sample, but would like the convenience of shopping from home. There are a number of platforms available to choose from for building an online shop, so be sure to research and select the one that is most appropriate for your business, while also having the ability to scale as your business grows.


Prepare to innovate and modify your brand and product as you grow, and take feedback as an opportunity for improvement. It is normal to modify your product to some degree within the first few years to grow with your consumers as you build rapport with repeat customers. Continue to grow your brand to show dedication to quality product and quality customer service, and watch your new cosmetics brand go viral. Continue to perform market research and trust the process with building your cosmetics brand. By welcoming positive change, you could welcome thousands of new consumers into brand loyalty with your brand.

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